WEEK 5 - ORDER BY 25th october. DELIVERY ON 29th october

Week 5’s are awesome!  We make meals that we think you will love, and you say YES to your favourites. And, because week 5’s only come around occasionally, we are celebrating by giving you something special…..It’s a secret, you have to order to find out what it is!

Orders Close In:


Meals for one

A wholesome meal for one person – preservative free

Classic – Meat, starch and veggies.  Low Carb – Meat, two veggies .  Vegetarian – no meat.  Vegan – No animal products

Meal packs

We get it – you don’t even have time to choose meals. 

Why not take a weekly or monthly pack to simplify your life?

Simply click on the pack you want and go to the check out.

How easy is that?

weekly packs

Four meals from this week’s choices.  Chose from our regular (with starch), low carb or vegetarian menus

monthly packs

Four meals a week for four weeks.  Choose from our regular, low carb, vegetarian  or family options