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Yet Another Taxi Disaster? Traffic At A Standstill?

Will  you have time to cook or is it another take-away?  Another fattening meal, and you don’t want to risk gym despite the covid precautions. Heat ‘n Eat meals are healthy, preservative free and quick to heat up.

Order by Monday 15th March. Delivery on Friday, 19th March

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meals for one

A wholesome meal for one.  Meals with starch, low carb and vegetarian options,  All preservative free

4 meal packs

We get it – you don’t even have time to choose meals.

Our weekly and monthly packs make life even easier for you.

Simply click on the pack you want and go to the check out.

How easy is that?

Weekly packs

Four meals from this week’s menu.  Choose from meals with starch, low carb and vegetarian menus