Sikhalazo is a Winner

Our Head Chef is a Winner

Sikhalazo Tshuma, our head chef, was the winner at the Ngwenya Glass Village Potjie competition on Sunday.

He pitted his skills against other Potjie masters with a delicious Russian dish, made to celebrate the Soccer World Cup.

Of course, chefs do not stick to recipes totally, but here is the basic recipe for the Russian Winter stew that won him first prize.

Sikhalazo served it with potatoes mashed with garlic, caramelized onion and fresh peas, and he made his wonderful rosemary and garlic pot-brood.  Unfortunately, he wouldn’t share that recipe!

Russian Winter Stew

2kg pork cubed

½ kg potatoes, peeled and chopped into chunks

5 carrots, sliced

200g dried pears

100g cranberries

4 onions, sliced

1  bulb garlic, peeled and chopped

2 Tbsp cinnamon

4 Tbsp cumin powder

1 Tbsp nutmeg

1 Tbsp chili powder (or to taste)

2 red peppers, sliced

2 cups orange juice

2 cups chicken stock

2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar (add at end)

Potjies are pretty easy and straight-forward.  Brown the meat, and then add everything else except the balsamic vinegar.  Cook for at least two hours, adding stock if needed.

Only add salt after at least one hour as it can make the meat tough if added too early.

Right at the end, just before serving, add the balsamic vinegar