Low Carb Monthly Special


Four meals a week for a month. No shopping, no cooking, no mess, and a different meal every time.  16 meals in total

week 1

  • Hungarian chicken with sweet potato mash
  • Corned beef with roast vegetables
  • Pork goulash with butternut and peas
  • Butter chicken curry with cauli-rice

week 2

  • Turkish chicken with roast vegetalbes
  • Beef bangers and mash
  • Pork neck steak with orange sauce
  • Creamy chicken pot pie

week 3

  • Chicken stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, Mixed roast vegetables
  • Steak and kidney pie with sweet potato topping
  • Roast pork with fennel
  • Thai chicken curry with cauli-rice

week 4

  • Harissa chicken portions with vegetable bake
  • Roast beef with roast butternut and mixed vegetables
  • Gammon steak with grilled pineapple, sweet potatoes and spinach
  • Creamy chicken with salami and olives, served with mixed vegetables