Main Meals Low Carb Monthly Special


Pack 1 is delivered in the first week of the month and consists of:

  • Chicken Fajita with spicy julienne vegetables
  • Beef meatballs with creamy mushroom sauce and vegetable bake
  • Gammon steak with grilled pineapple and sweet potato mash
  • Hungarian chicken portions with creamy spinach

Pack 2 is delivered in the 2nd week of the month and consists of:

  • Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese with green beans and carrots
  • Bistro bare-burger on a sweet potato cake with Julienne vegetables
  • Pork neck steak with orange sauce with broccoli and pumpkin noodles
  • Grilled chicken breast with lemon, chili and mint with cauli-rice and roast vegetables

Pack 3 is delivered in the 3rd week of the month and consists of:

  • Coconut crumbed chicken breast with chili and coriander pesto
  • Beef tagine with apricots served with cauli-rice
  • Neapolitan pork chop with Mediterranean vegetables
  • Satay chicken skewers with stirfry vegetables

Pack 4 is delivered in the 4th week and consists of:

  • Chicken meatballs with lemon sauce
  • Roast beef with Mediterranean vegetable salad
  • Aromatic pork fillet with oriental vegetables
  • Creamy chicken with salami and olives
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